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Water Damage in the City of Mendocino

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

The carpet had to be pulled from a home due to a huge flooding from a broken pipe underneath a bathroom sink. Mold had started to form underneath due to the carpet sitting for about a week while the building owner had to make decisions on what to do. There’s only one thing you need to do: CALL SERVPRO of Mendocino County. We work closely with most major insurance companies to make sure your home is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Understanding the claims process can be difficult, so we help with the process because SERVPRO understands the difficulties that come with a water loss to your home!

What is black mold?

6/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What is black mold? Call SERVPRO at 707-462-3848 if you find black mold in your home!

What is Black Mold? The Bottom Line

Black mold, also referred to as mildew, can range from mild to severe. It's the most common fungus in the world, and mostly grows in moist places. Moist conditions and can be found on almost any material found in the home, ranging from sheet rock to wood. Mold can range in appearance, from a powder like substance or a beautiful, feather like formation.

One of the most common causes of black mold growth in homes is an exposure to water. Whether the exposure is through a leak, flood or excessive condensation, it all leads to black mold. Black mold can also grow inside air conditioning units and HVAC systems, due to the presence of moisture. Our homes make a wonderful home for this dangerous fungus.

Be sure to check your air conditioning unit, shower area, and any area that has recently been flooded or not exposed for a long time for signs of mold. If you see mold, call SERVPRO of Mendocino County. We can assess the situation, help deal with your insurance company, and restore your home to a healthy state.

Fort Bragg Fire Damage Restoration

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fort Bragg Fire Damage Restoration This damage may look impossible to restore, but you'd be surprised what SERVPRO can do!


Types of fire damage that can happen

Fire damage can happen from a number of things; burning toast, leaving in the curling iron, embers from the fireplace, a broken water heater, or an exposed electrical wire. Going through your home on a regular basis to check for hazards can prevent the need for fire restoration. However, sometimes fire damage is beyond your control, whether it’s from a cloth accidentally catching fire from a gas stove or a faulty electrical outlet.

How do you know if your home is repairable after a fire?

While most housing structures that experience a fire need some replacing of wood on the outside structure, the inside of most homes can be cleaned up from fire damage rather easily. If most of the main structure is intact, a home can be reconstructed if needed. 

When should you contact a Fort Bragg fire restoration specialist?

 You should contact a Fort Bragg fire restoration specialist AS SOON AS THE FIRE IS OUT.  Although the flames are out, soot and housing materials such as wood or your furniture can start to rot or come even more apart. All your contents can be removed, inventoried and cleaned at our facility. We also have the ability to store them until your home is ready to be packed back. We will help you from start to finish, no matter how short or long it takes. 

Fort Bragg Leaky Roof

5/23/2018 (Permalink)


Water damage updates

We frequently post weather updates, water damage tips and tricks, and photos of people from the community on our Facebook page. Please check it out and if you have Facebook, like our page so you can get regular updates. We also update safety information, and flood warnings. 

Nasty weather on the coast

Although the weather has been pretty rainy this winter and spring, we've had nice weather for the past week. This may all of a sudden stop, without warning. You may start getting a leak in your roof! Fort Bragg leaky roof repair is one of the many coastal calls we get. Often, homeowners notice mold in their home, even if they didn't notice any previous leaks. Sometimes, the leaks can dry due to nice weather. However, even if you fix the roof, you may have not been able to reverse the water damage. 

Storm damage in Mendocino County

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

We have felt another storm rage happening the past several weeks. Although the talk about El Nino had been going on for months a couple years ago many people are not prepared. With the Mendocino Lake Complex fire, recovery, school starting, holidays and work, storm damage prevention is probably on the bottom of everyone's list. 

Mendocino County storm damage preparation

What can you do? First thing to do is clear any gutters. Heavy gutters, or heavy flat roofs due to leaves, water, and debris could lead to water damage. High winds can also break windows and allow water to come into your home, branches can fall, etcetera. SERVPRO of Mendocino County is part of the Mendocino County storm damage cleanup services. We are anticipating heavy rains, winds, and calls. We can handle it all for you, so it's another burden off your shoulders. 

Flood damage in parts of Ukiah

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

Ukiah flood damage becomes extreme-roof leaks, pipe breaks and more.

Homes in Ukiah were assisted by SERVPRO of Mendocino County during the past week. Many homes had flood damage, roof leaks, and fallen ceilings due to water coming in and crawling up the walls. Some of the roofs were flat and had no drainage, which means the water only has one place to go: inside. Unfortunately, many insured homeowners don't carry flood insurance because it's not a common occurrence. There are ways to protect your home and belongings from a flood:

  • Clear gutters, drains and downspouts.
  • Move furniture, rugs, electronics and other belongings to upper floors, or at least raise them off a ground floor.
  • Shut off electricity at the breaker panel.
  • Elevate major appliances onto concrete blocks if they're potentially in harm's way from flooding.

Calls for commercial cleanup

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Mendocino County has been spotted in residential neighborhoods due to the brightness of our vehicles, but many people don't know that we can handle even bigger messes!


We can provide emergency service 24/7 on water, fire, smoke, mold, or biohazard damage. We can also deal with vandalism and trash/garbage debris due to overcrowded homes. We are HEPA and IICRC Certified. We have decades of combined restoration and cleanup experience throughout Lake and Mendocino Counties.


Yes, we can! We have dozens of pieces of equipment to dry and sanitize the air. We also deal with industrial strength cleaners and have boxes of supplies on hand in case a major disaster happens. We've dealt with Ukiah commercial cleanup for years, and are always ready with a crew and our vehicles. Whether it's a building with one floor or five floors, we can make it work. We've dealt with apartment complexes, government buildings, and even local hospitals.


If your business is in need, give us a call. We can also contact Corporate offices, if necessary, to discuss any issues or concerns with insurance and liability.

707-462-3848 is our number, 24/7. 

Willits building cleanup

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Willits building cleanup The LAST thing you need is to worry about fire, water, mold, or bio-hazards affecting the way you run business.

Commercial cleaning 

Running a business is a lot of hard work, with licensing, getting your products, paying employees, dealing with customer complaints, the trends and fads of the market, and all the paperwork! You have a family to support, and customers to serve.

Services for commercial jobs

We offer the same services for commercial businesses as we do for residential. Willits commercial cleaning is no exception. We offer carpet cleaning, biohazard removal, vandalism repair, dry outs, contents cleaning, upholstery repair, and ozone cleaning. If a new situation presents itself, we find new ways to assist or get trained in new techniques. We are universal with cleanup and restoration, and will add more to our plate if it means we can serve our community.

If you're not sure about a service we can provide, give us a call. Even if we aren't able to assist, we can refer you to someone who can. We want to be helpful in every way possible! 

Storm damage and snow in Willits

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Freezing weather, high winds, and snow-call us at 462-3848 for immediate assistance.

Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties were hit with a big fire storm in October. Now, the same geograhical areas are preparing for another February storm, which is supposed to bring at incredibly cold temperatures and higher winds. Parts of Willits and Redwood Valley have also had snow!

SERVPRO of Mendocino County is on standby for Willits residents to deal with Willits storm damage cleanup. Many businesses and homes were affected the first time around from the firestorm, and calls were pouring in! (no pun intended) We intend to be around for this second storm, more prepared than ever. Remember your sand bags, emergency supplies, and emergency phone numbers. One of those numbers is ours, 462-3848. Keep us in mind for all your storm damage restoration needs, we are here to help ALWAYS. 


House floods in Ukiah-why call SERVPRO?

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes, there isn't a whole lot you can do about a water damage situation. House floods in Ukiah happen more often than you'd think, but everyone handles them differently. We will tell you that you should call us because we want you to call us! But, why should you call a professional company instead of just dealing with it yourself?

1.) Doing the work yourself could cost you more in the long run

What if you miss something, or didn't get your house completely dry? You saw the dishwasher overflow, you cleaned up the water, everything was fine...or so you think.

What about the water you don't see?

Do you know how to properly dry out your home and belongings so you don't have to replace them, which can cost thousands of dollars?

2.) SERVPRO of Mendocino County offers guaranteed, thorough work.

We strive to completely dry out your home and belongings, clean and deodorize the areas affected, remain professional at your home, and deal with any complications that happen along the way.

3.) We are friendly, trained, and skilled at dealing with damage and restoring your home. 

We have IICRC certifications, and conduct regular customer service training as well as keeping track of paperwork for your insurance company. We can't stress enough about making sure your homeowners policy is up to date and covers your needs. We also know how to work with specific materials (tile, wood, laminate, etc.) so they are able to be restored. 

House flooding in Ukiah has nothing on us, whether by natural disaster or man made machinery! Call us at 462-3848 to get your home back into shape, after a fire/flood/mold loss. We do it ALL!