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Ukiah Crime Scene Cleanups

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Crimes of passion, planning, and violence often cause destruction of property and can send some folks to the hospital. After everyone is bandadged up and reports are taken, what's next? Who takes care of the broken window, the blood on the sidewalk, or the meth lab that exploded down the street? We hope you're not burdened by all that emotional responsibility. 

SERVPRO of Mendocino County understand the worries families have about crime scene residues. There are no Ukiah crime scene cleanup teams quite like SERVPRO. We come quickly, prepared, and with gusto. The nature of the beast likes to strike at anytime, so at any time day or night, we have to be ready. Are you ready to call SERVPRO? 462-3848 is the direct link to the crime scene cleanup responders you can trust. 

Sewage cleanup in the Boonville area

9/1/2017 (Permalink)

How many cleanup companies are available to go over the mountains to beautiful Boonville? Not many. In fact, we don't think there are any companies directly in the area. In a small, quaint town, there may not be a huge need for a restoration company. However, Murphy's Law states that anything that can happen, will happen. Sewage damage is no exception! So, what do you do when you live in a small down that doesn't have a restoration company down the street? YOU CALL SERVPRO. Even our other franchise is available in Sonoma County for your family and friends, in case they have a biohazard situation. 

1. We are literally around the corner

In about 30 minutes average, we can get our crew to your home. Usually, Boonville sewage cleanup is covered by insurance companies, especially if the damage is caused by someone else's home or city officials. This type of mishap happens often! Usually, sewage backups are accidents and they're always considered a biohazard. Be sure to check with your insurance company on the specifics of biohazard or sewage damage.

2. We can clean up any level of toxicity

Unless there's a public safety crisis and we have to get the CDC involved, we've never had any issues or had to say no to certain biohazard situations. Not only have we handled sewage jobs; we have also handled meth lab fires, heroin needles, rat infestations, hospital sanitization, dead animals (the most upsetting one we've done involved snakes that died due to a power outage in their cages).

Whatever you think we can't handle, we have probably already done. Give us a call with your latest challenge! 707-462-3848 is the call for your direct, 24/7 emergency service company!

Biohazard remediation services available in Ukiah

8/28/2017 (Permalink)

While fire and water damage restoration are our primary services, many would be interested to know we also deal with biohazard needs all over Mendocino County. Whether you need furniture or carpet disposed, or there is a hoarding situation, we have dealt with all types of situations where masks and hazmat suits are a must. 

Of course, these are sensitive situations. We have received phone calls from local fire and police departments regarding deaths and bodily fluids, and understand a certain amount of sensitivity is needed when approaching these types of scenes. They are difficult to digest, but someone needs to do them.

Since we are already skilled in dealing with mold, which can be a type of biohazard, we apply similar techniques when dealing with crime scenes, bodily fluids, drug labs, or anything else that is directly harmful to others. 

Give us a call today to help you deal with biohazard situations in your home or business, 462-3848.

Biohazard in Calpella

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

A thorough wipe down isn't good enough for this type of work-call in the pros!

CALL SERVPRO, 707-462-3848. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because disaster doesn’t wait for you to be ready!

A sewage loss happened in Calpella while the homeowner was on vacation. A neighbor noticed the smell and called the homeowner, who called SERVPRO!

All you need to do when experiencing water, fire, mold, or sewage loses: breathe, and then call SERVPRO. We can also help with filing a claim with your insurance company because dealing with losses can be very technical. This is why the technicians and professionals of SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County want to gather as much information as possible in order to put a plan together on how to get your home back to normal. We also work right away in order to prevent secondary damage, and reduce cost. Our goal is to restore, not replace, as much of your home and belongings as possible. 

Hopland sewage damage

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Most people don't overreact with having to clean up a slight bathroom mess. But, imagine that bathroom mess exploding down into the hallway and to your bedroom, affecting everything in sight!

Hopland sewage damage cleanup is available

The home featured here had raw sewage sitting in the bathroom for hours while the family was attending a Halloween party. Imagine coming home, and having to clean up this mess in your costume! Because the sewage was mixed with water, it had easily flowed through the rest of the home. While anyone who has dealt with hundreds of diapers through their lifetime may not think this is a big deal, imagine all the diapers exploding at once. What you have left is a rotten, stinking mess!


IICRC Certification and Our Services

SERVPRO of Mendocino County is IICRC certified, which means we use state of the art technology and techniques to clean, sanitize, and restore your water and fire damaged belonging. Sewage can be handled as well, with extra precautions and sanitization. We can also help you with your insurance claim. We take care of your contents by keeping inventory, cleaning them off site while your home is being cleaned and repaired, and putting everything back so your home gets a fresh new start. 

Boonville Biohazard Cleanup

7/1/2016 (Permalink)

Any biohazard should be obvious to not handle yourself, but some people aren't aware of SERVPRO's skills. Not only are we capable to cleaning up fire, water, and mold damage, but we can also deal with most biohazards-unless the health department gets involved!

Sewage damage in Mendocino County

This is one of our most common biohazards, usually caused by backups in septic systems. Boonville biohazard cleanup has never been a challenge for us because we deal with this type of cleanup all the time! It's unfortunate, but it happens. Usually, the damage is on the inside of the home. Even accidents from animals can be considered a biohazard. We once dealt with an abandoned home that had animals residing in it for two weeks! (The animals were okay, but the house was not!)

Drugs and their dangers

We know: drugs are bad to consume. But what about cleaning them up? We've received calls about meth lab explosions and needles on playgrounds, and recently we did a major cleanup job from a former marijuana farm house. Wearing masks and gloves during these processes is incredibly important because of the harm certain drugs can cause if they're injested.

Don't risk it, let us deal with it! We are here to help.  

Hopland Biohazard Cleanup

5/19/2016 (Permalink)

We don't go into any biohazard job without the proper PPE! (personal protection equipment)

What constitutes a "biohazard"?

Anything that you wouldn't want to touch-chemicals, drugs, dead animals, urine, feces, bodily fluids, lead paint-are all considered a biohazard. Some people may decide to gear up properly with personal protective gear; some people may not even bother to wear gloves. OUR GUYS WEAR FULL PPE AND MASKS TO ENSURE THEIR SAFETY ON EVERY MOLD, BIOHAZARD, AND SEWAGE JOB!

Recent biohazard cleanup

We received a phonecall from a concerned homeowner about an infestation of rats and mice, as well as the bodily waste they leave behind. They were very concerned; rodents carry many diseases that are easily spreadable. This Hopland biohazard cleanup we performed was completed in less than a day. We followed up with the customer, made sure everything was done to their satisfaction before they even saw the bill. We want to make sure they are happy, safe, and satisfied with the work we perform.

Fort Bragg Crime Scene Cleaners

4/1/2016 (Permalink)

Types of crime scenes

Nobody, not even law enforcement, wants to deal with crime scene cleanup. It’s the worst kind of cleanup service we perform. There are so many emotions behind it, even if the victim isn’t deceased. We have been contacted on numerous occasions by the local agencies in Mendocino County about crime scene cleanup involving drugs, drug paraphernalia, blood, and bodily fluids.

Our experience with Fort Bragg

We have worked as Fort Bragg crime scene cleaners for years.  However, many people think we are not local because we are part of a franchise. We are in fact local, as well as independently owned and operated. We are also IICRC Certified and work with most major insurance companies. Even if you don’t have insurance, we can work with you on a payment plan status and give you the best price for high quality work. This is the kind of work you need so you don’t end up paying too much due to errors. 

We are frequent coastal visitors, dealing with infestations and water damage mostly. We have also handled apartment complex fires, vandalism, and mold due to the humidity that’s very much active on the coast. If you believe you have a project for us and need some advice or information, give us a call!

Willits Sewage Damage

2/29/2016 (Permalink) one likes to talk about it, deal with it, and it's downright embarassing! We understand completely, which is why we handle it as professional as possible. We also know the importance of getting it cleaned up ASAP due to the possibility of contaminants and diseases that can be spread.

Sewage damage in Willits

Willits is a very nice little city with lots of business, homes and schools, and beauty. Imagine that image distorted with sewage damage! Willits sewage damage is no joke. We take it very seriously. The smell is enough to make someone want to move. However, we have ways of fixing up your home, even if the smell has been lingering for up to a week.

Prolonged damage

Imagine coming home to a sewage backup, after being on a nice vacation. You may think it would be near impossible to rid of the odor, stains, or even water damage. However, we just apply our techniques on a much larger scale, use more equipment, and reach out to gather more information if needed, to help restore your home. Our guys work into the late hours and start the next day extra early in order to put your needs first!

Fort Bragg crime scene clean up

12/29/2015 (Permalink)

Imagine waking up to this mess because of another person's irresponsibility!

Water damage caused by car crash

A drunk driver had crashed into a home, causing a big mess as well as crushing a water pipe which flooded the home. The water damage wasn't as extensive as the damage to the outside structure of the home. After law enforcement concluded their investigation, we started work right away. Although the water damage wasn't too bad, you still wouldn't want it to sit for too long. 

Crime scene clean up services

Crime scenes can vary from small to large, vandalism to bodily fluids, and involve a lot of paperwork and attention to detailed instruction. Anything you wouldn't want to handle yourself, we can handle at any time! Fort Bragg crime scene clean up services can include the various scenarios listed here. 

Willits crime scene clean up

12/28/2015 (Permalink)

This home had been vandalized in the bathroom, and the water line had been broken, causing water damage.

Information for drug, death, or vandalism situations

Many people aren't aware of SERVPRO's capabilities of handling cleanups that involve drugs, blood pathogens, dead animals, or broken glass and vandalism. We are more recognized as a fire and water cleanup and restoration company. However, we also deal with biohazards and mold. These losses can affect the quality of your home or business. We want to restore your home as best as possible, despite whatever disaster happens.

Willits crime scene clean up

We may arrive at the scene of a crime; however, we always make sure investigations are complete before starting the clean up process. Willits crime scene clean up requires specific instructions. We have to get special permission, use our best gear, and rid of every single contaminant on site. This process ensures the safest outcome for the residents or business owners. 

Calpella Sewage Cleanup

10/27/2015 (Permalink)

Sewage cleanup in Calpella, CA

We will perform the cleanup for you! We can provide services such as:

*wipe down
*insurance paperwork and communications
*positioning of equipment to dry out the home, scrub the air of biohazardous particles, and dehumidify.

Insurance companies may handle the cost of the cleanup, as well as replacement for the items that SERVPRO can't clean. There are some items, such as clothing, carpet, etc. that should be replaced. The longer a sewage loss has been sitting, the less likely man items can be restored. 

Benefits of having a company perform these services?

We don't get queasy, we are quick, and we are able to get your home to pre loss condition. We also treat your items and home with dignity, and will ensure your home is safe to enter after cleanup services are performed. 

707-462-3848 is the answer to all your cleanup and restoration needs!

Boonville Sewage Damage

9/4/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can handle any loss, even sewage losses in rural areas

Mendocino County is known to have some beautiful country, as well as areas for shopping and recreation. Even homes out a ways need some TLC when a sewage spill has happened. 
SERVPRO of Mendocino County has the ability to travel to Boonville to take care of fire, water, mold, or sewage damage. We can even handle it in the middle of the night! 

What can we do?

We've seen some very significant sewage damage in other parts of Mendocino County. We even handled a sewage issue all the way in Cloverdale, CA. Sometimes, backup accidents happen or a sewer pipe breaks. Just like water, raw sewage has the ability to travel. Water from the sewage can travel onto carpet and hardwood floors, up on walls and furniture, and ultimately contaminate your entire home. We can remove, clean, restore, and sanitize your entire home. We also have the ability to work with your insurance. We speak their lingo and understand limitations, coverage concerns, and cost. 

What puts SERVPRO above the rest?

We know how to make not only you happy, but your insurance company. We have seen many people, come across many situations, and just love seeing families get back to their lives after a huge sewage damage interruption.

We hope you never have to use our services but if you do, give us a call day or night at 462-3848. We will be here to answer your call!

Boonville Sewage Cleanup Services

8/20/2015 (Permalink)

Many contents were affected in this home due to a sewage backup into the shower and toilet. Ick!

Biohazard issues-what to expect

Sewage spills can happen in many ways: shower or toilet backups, septic tank backups, toilet overflow, or even broken sewage line. Either way, it's a pretty ugly mess. The longer one waits, the harder getting out the smell and contaminants becomes.

Who is equipped to deal with these situations?

While plumbers are equipped to deal with many plumbing, toilet, sink, or shower issues, sewage cleanup usually gets turned to us. We are SERVPRO of Mendocino County, and we know what to do when someone has a sewage spill. Boonville sewage cleanup is one of our many services. We are able to handle anything because we come prepared with full body suits, the best cleanup chemicals, and the best service.

What do our services provide?

They provide peace of mind, understanding, and compassion for any nasty situations that may come your way. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide reassurance that we can handle anything. We are IICRC certified, which means we know how to inspect, clean, and restore your home properly after almost any mess.

Give us a call as soon as you notice you need sewage cleaned up. Take care of it right away! 707-462-3848

Ukiah Sewage Cleanup

7/7/2015 (Permalink)

Sewage cleanup is an emergency service we provide 24/7

Due to the harmful contaminants present in sewage spills and backups, sewage cleanup is considered an emergency need. Sewer water can contain viruses, fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants that can make your family, of even a large group of people, very sick. Attempting to clean up the mess yourself may create bigger issues for you, as well as your checking account. 

Sewage backups are known to happen when City workers are performing construction or other services. It can also happen due to a faulty sewer, clogged pipes, or plumbing problems. Plumbers and City workers don't have the typical equipment needed to extract sewage, or sanitize your home afterwards.

What can SERVPRO of Mendocino County do for you?

When a Ukiah sewage cleanup is necessary, we make the cleanup our top priority. Putting together a team is quick, painless, and we are immediately available to get the situation under control. The mess is extracted, contaminated materials and belongings are moved, and your home is cleaned and sanitized. Often, your home is livable the same day, depending on the situation. It's our personal guarantee to make sewage disasters, "Like they never even happened."