Photo Gallery

Sundays in the Park

We were so excited about sponsoring Sundays in the Park here in Ukiah last year that we made sure to sponsor again this year too! Sundays in the park starts back up June 10th at 6pm. We hope to see you there for great music and fun!

Sales and Marketing Manager of the Year award!

Danny was awarded Sales and Marketing Manager of the Year for 2017 for our region! Danny is a wonderful leader of our team, and incredibly hardworking. He is involved in the community and reaches out consistently to our clients to make sure they have everything we can provide them. 

Way to go, Danny!

Not what they had in mind for a skylight!

Trees don't fall often, but it was definitely heard in this situation. Thankfully, no one was injured. The bathroom received a very expensive skylight, and emergency crews were out the very next day assessing the situation. We anticipate every winter to have a major disaster for at least a couple of homes, especially on the coast due to all the trees and major winds. 

Water damage due to toilet line

This type of problem happens often. Homeowners don't think to check the water lines to their toilet or sinks (then again, who does?), but it should be checked at least once a year and replaced according to the manufacturer's suggestion. The lines are easy to break, and cleaning up the aftermath isn't as easy. 

Not exactly a small loss!

We sometimes get really small amounts of water damage in a home that clear up and are finished within a few days. However, the big stinkers are the ones that require a ton of equipment and more drying time. We have to make sure not to overdry as well. The garage in this photo had water running down the walls on the inside, and some water managed to get inside the home in the kitchen. Our crew got to work right away!

Water damage and what it entails

When we have water damage, every situation is different and unique. We have to look at all the factors of the home, the homeowner's insurance, and our equipment so all our ducks are in a row and ready to go. Paperwork is also essential, which we aim to keep consistent all throughout the job. In this one pictured, the living room carpet had to be pulled due to a water loss in the kitchen. The homeowners had just bought the house; thankfully, they hadn't moved in all their furniture!

Commercial loss in Ukiah

We have received a LOT of calls due to the recent storm. 2017 has so far been insanely busy! Here is a photo of our latest commercial water loss in a business complex. There was extensive water damage in the bathroom, back office, and storage area. Our dehumidifiers are amazing for extracting water from the air. We make sure to take good care of our equipment so each piece will last for years. 

Mold damage unnoticed for several weeks

Having good neighbors will certain pay off when you're out of town and damage of your property is not only noticed but reported. A neighbor in this scenario called the homeowners and then called SERVPRO to report water pouring out of a home through the front door and porch wall. Talk about water damage!

Mold damage behind furniture-one of the last places you'd look!

Mold can grow in some pretty odd places; a common place we find is behind furniture after a storm or spill of some sort. You won't know it's there until the smell starts to hit you! Major home renovations are also another way mold is discovered. We recommend always keeping up on your home maintenance so you can avoid dealing with mold. 

The icky side of mold

We have received the most calls about mold from the coast; specifically, Fort Bragg and Mendocino. Sometimes, the calls will come from as far as Sea Ranch. We can deal with any sized mold job as long as we have enough equipment and protection for our crew. We wear masks, suits, and respirators because mold can be dangerous. But, if you do find mold, it needs to be cleaned up right away. We can't test for mold, but we have connections with companies that will test for it!

Kitchen mold damage

Cooking in your kitchen for a big meal is hard enough; can you imagine what it would be like if you discovered mold in the process? We can think of a few worse things, but we consider every loss as a team effort to get life back to normal for YOU. 

Willits house mold

All mold is bad, but especially exposed mold like those in window sills. This bedroom had so much mold caked along the window sill and surrounding walls, and it was ignored for months. SERVPRO went into the home, set up containment, removed belongings, and got straight to work!

Bigger than just water damage

Storm damage is often worse than your run of the mill water damage. It's extreme, more messy, and we get a lot of them during the winter. We make sure to have extra help on hand, as well as extra equipment. Once, we received 20 calls in a single day due to storm damage. 

Storm damage in Mendocino

We are happy to help all homeowners when they have water damage, whether from a storm or broken pipe. In this photo, there was water damage on 2 floors, which required extra drying over the course of a week. 

Roof damage in Mendocino

This kind of damage happens often right after the first rain. We receive calls about roof leaks, and consider this type of a job a top priority. We would rather stop water damage from happening than let a huge mess occur. Your insurance company will thank us!

Using our equipment

We typically have our equipment running for several days, depending on the saturation level of the home, when there is a storm damage problem. We want to make sure we dry completely, but don't want to overdry or ruin materials. Otherwise, there is no point in trying to restore!

Apartment water damage-only one unit this time!

Usually when there is fire or water damage done to an apartment, other parts of the complex may also become affected. Thankfully, we got to this apartment in time to deal with the one section, in stead of the entire complex. There was some water damage from the dishwasher, and the renter contacted her property manager right away. Props to her!

Our vehicles for Mendocino County

We have several vehicles for all three of our counties. Here are just a few of them! We use vans, Volkswagens, Fords, and large box trucks to transport contents. Our carpet cleaning van is under maintenance at the moment. When we have to leave on a moment's notice, we want to make sure there are enough vehicles to go around to the rest of our crew. 

We like to keep them nice and shiny, can't you tell?!

Frank Howard Memorial Hospital building cleaning

Working the Frank Howard Memorial Hospital post-construction cleaning took a lot of effort and a lot of hands! Due to miscommunication, we had to clean some areas twice; we learned the first time, and put together daily crew meetings so the work could be divided evenly among our technicians.

Here is a picture of our crew on the last day!

Kitchen outlet fire-what would you do?

We have been asked where in homes is the #1 source of fires. According to statistics, kitchen are the source of most house fires; we find this statistic to be true! The second cause is outlet malfunctions. Our best advice is to never ever EVER leave your kitchen unattended. We also recommend regularly checking your outlets to make sure they aren't smoking or leaving any bizarre residue. You never know what could happen, so it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Smoke damaged kitchen

The only thing burnt in this kitchen was the toaster oven! But, the residual damage required the removal of cabinets and major kitchen appliances. Our technicians cleaned and restored everything to brand new, and was able to put back the cabinets. We were not surprised to hear the homeowners were pleased!

Crew cleaning in warehouse

This work is what we do when we remove contents from a smoke, water, or mold damaged residence or business. We focus on the contents cleaning, as well as the restoration cleaning of the structure. Our technicians have training on cleaning delicate items, as well as regular household items like dishes and electronics. 

Assisting SERVPRO of Belmont in San Francisco!

We were thrilled and honored to assist our sister franchise, SERVPRO of Belmont, in San Francisco with our desiccant. It's a large machine that deals with large water losses by sucking out all the moisture in the air. With all the moisture present, completing a drying job takes so much longer. This building pictured needed a lot of work, and we responded as soon as we received the call. 

Excessive mold growth

There are many ways people have used to clean up mold, but only some of them are recommended. Some methods, such as certain sprays or bleach, don't do a good job and can actually aid in the spread of mold spores. There have been heavy mold jobs like this one, as well as light mold jobs, that always require containment and testing. 

Commercial job in Upper Lake

This loss was rather large! Multiple buildings were affected. We packed out contents and took them to our facility to be cleaned. We had to use respirators, and the entire job took about two weeks. A major cleaning job like this one kept us busy. The business was very happy with our work, and sent us a nice thank you card. We LOVE getting those cards!

Cleanup at an elementary school

The Clayton Fire really affected our communities; the damage was caused by an arsonist. However, our community got together and took care of one another. We do the same thing for our schools so children don't miss out on their education. Just missing a few days of school a year can set back a child academically. Imagine if that same school was closed for weeks because it couldn't get cleaned up properly!

Lower Lake High School smoke damage

The Clayton Fire really affected our communities; unfortunately, the damage was caused by an arsonist. However, our community got together and took care of one another. We were so happy to get a thank you from the students at Lower Lake High School. They really showed their appreciation for all the hard work companies like ours did for their school!

House fire damage

Part of this house had to be gutted due to a house fire. Our crew worked on this job for several weeks. We encourage our crews to work together as a team on every single job. This job would be too overwhelming for one person, and we wanted to make sure the family got as much help as possible. 

Summer house fire

We have received many calls about homes catching fire in the summer and having incredible damage. Because of the heat, there are a lot of people having BBQ's or fixing up their yards. However, mowing dry lawns or having a BBQ pit or grill too close to your home can send sparks flying. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Appliance mishaps

We've seen some pretty bad damage from water heaters, outlets, and even toaster ovens. Often, these appliances are left unattended for a while and that's when the worst damage occurs. We've had several dryer malfunctions that have caused huge fires; thankfully, most of the damage was located in one part of the home. Bottom line: fire damage and appliances are a bad mix!

Lake County Vehicles

Here is our fleet of SERVPRO vans, vehicles, and trucks posing for the Wildfire Safety Expo, freshly washed and waxed! We always want to look our best when conquering a disaster. 

Working as a team

We have never turned down a job due to lack of resources. Any time a huge loss has happened, such as one to a government building or apartment complex, we have always called on help of other franchises, temporary workers, and our technicians working overtime, to get any large size loss cleaned up!

Danny with Sheriff Tom Allman

We are a huge supporter of the local fire and police departments, and thank the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our community.

Fire Department BBQ's

Summers are our busiest time of year for events. We are invited to every BBQ for every fire department in our area and always welcome the opportunity to donate water bottles, as well as some shade with our pop ups. 

Ukiah Chamber of Commerce event

Here, Danny was giving recognition to an award winner for Best Business in 2015! We have become a huge part of the chamber, and want to help support our local businesses. We have been welcomed into the community and recognized for our hard work in water damage restoration. We want to make sure other businesses get the recognition they deserve. 

When Do Fires Strike? When You Least Expect It!

We don't "look forward" to working on fire damage jobs-we prepare for them. We also know the potential outlook our clients can have if we do the best job we can, to get their house back in order. 

Lower Lake Fire Department

We wanted to show our support to Lower Lake; the fires in 2016 were incredibly scary for local families and businesses. We donated our bounce house, our first one ever, to the open house event. The kids had a blast, and the adults got a break!

Major job in government building

We can't take risks when a government building has a loss, so we get right on it with our available technicians, and we call other franchises if necessary. On this job, all three of our franchises (Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma NE) were on site and took care of the water loss that happened because of a broken pipe in the wall. 

CE Class at Northwest Insurance

We had agents from Lake County meet us in Mendocino County for our Mitigation and Awareness Response seminar. We talked about water losses and how our equipment works to dry out a home that has been flooded. We had a really great turnout, and are glad to be of assistance to our local insurance agents!