Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Not what they had in mind for a skylight!

Trees don't fall often, but it was definitely heard in this situation. Thankfully, no one was injured. The bathroom received a very expensive skylight, and emergency crews were out the very next day assessing the situation. We anticipate every winter to have a major disaster for at least a couple of homes, especially on the coast due to all the trees and major winds. 

Not exactly a small loss!

We sometimes get really small amounts of water damage in a home that clear up and are finished within a few days. However, the big stinkers are the ones that require a ton of equipment and more drying time. We have to make sure not to overdry as well. The garage in this photo had water running down the walls on the inside, and some water managed to get inside the home in the kitchen. Our crew got to work right away!

Bigger than just water damage

Storm damage is often worse than your run of the mill water damage. It's extreme, more messy, and we get a lot of them during the winter. We make sure to have extra help on hand, as well as extra equipment. Once, we received 20 calls in a single day due to storm damage. 

Storm damage in Mendocino

We are happy to help all homeowners when they have water damage, whether from a storm or broken pipe. In this photo, there was water damage on 2 floors, which required extra drying over the course of a week. 

Roof damage in Mendocino

This kind of damage happens often right after the first rain. We receive calls about roof leaks, and consider this type of a job a top priority. We would rather stop water damage from happening than let a huge mess occur. Your insurance company will thank us!

Using our equipment

We typically have our equipment running for several days, depending on the saturation level of the home, when there is a storm damage problem. We want to make sure we dry completely, but don't want to overdry or ruin materials. Otherwise, there is no point in trying to restore!