What our Customers say...


SERVPRO handled themselves well, considering our insurance company kept changing what they were approved to do. They fought for our right to have the job done to industry standards.

We had no damaged items! (pack back) Very satisfied, communication was excellent! All the guys work hard!

We received our bill and paid right away, had NO issues with this company! We have used your services several times, and won't hesitate to do it again. 

They were helpful and their work was very much appreciated. We felt the roof was handled as best as possible, and we were grateful for the help!!

Ernie and his crew were PERFECT. 

These guys were incredible! Great and professional!

On behalf of Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County, Fort Bragg Food Bank, and Mendocino Coast Children's Fund, CMAR, would like to express our heartfelt thank you for your donation to the success of the CMAR annual installation fundraiser event in Mendocino. We are grateful for your support, and look forward to working with you next year!

Coastal Mendocino Association of REALTORS would like to express our sincere appreciation to our, our Business Affiliate. Your participation and service is extremely valuable to our community and Real Estate customers!

The members of the Cloverdale Volunteer Firefighters Association gratefully acknowledge your recent contribution and THANK YOU for your continued support. Thank you for helping us serve our community with pride!

The 2016 Ukiah High School Senior SCRAM Committee would like to extend its sincere gratitude to you for helping to give our graduating seniors a safe, memorable night-marking an important milestone in their lives.

On behalf of the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show Board of Directors, please accept our sincere gratitude for your sponsorship. The fair represents a composite of hard work by staff, volunteers, community members, and folks such as you to make it a success.

Our office really got a nice makeover, and we know who to contact if we need help in the future. 

ALL 10's!

Michael was an excellent tech, and very personable!

These guys are IT. Fun, thorough, and working hard in less than a week for us. Keep up the great work!

They always called for the time they would be here and were always on time! I really appreciated the prompt service, especially for an older gal like myself. 

All the workers were efficient and their attitude was GREAT!

This is our 2nd encounter with SERVPRO. Although our insurance company recommended another restoration service, we said we WANTED YOU!

All 10 Score to SERVPRO!

Great work! Thank you. My tenants and I felt we were in the hands of real pros.

The process was well explained to me and the quickness that was provided I'm sure minimized the overall damage. Keep up the good work.

Justin was exceptional at taking my calls and following up when necessary. I give SERVPRO a score of 10/10 for this exceptional work. 

The team supervisor Kevin and his work team were very good. Kevin is a personable man and was always helpful, honest, and attentive to detail.

The service was excellent, I can't imagine what would be better. The office staff was courteous and helpful, and I would definitely use your company again for future restoration needs-although, this one seems to be enough for life! You really went all the way, we really truly appreciate you. 

Rebuilding my home after the Valley Fire has been stressful, and I'm very glad our neighborhood clean up company has been on top of our insurance company to make sure our home was put back together in a timely fashion. 

Michael was very thorough and helpful. He took the time to explain everything and coordinate all the necessary paperwork. 

I already have recommended your company to my family and friends. Not everything was put back exactly in the cupboards but that's the way men are (we totally get it!). We couldn't believe how fast the work was done, we were very very happy!

You folks did a fine job at my home. Thank you so much. My daughter in law kept me informed on the progress, and she was very happy with the results!

Thank you, everyone was incredibly helpful and courteous of us and our property. I will definitely recommend you to others. 

I would not hesitate to use their services again. SERVPRO personnel were concerned with our safety and well being. They were prompt, polite, and caring. 

I have no recommendations-they were awesome!! I also really appreciate their guidance with insurance procedures and questions. 

I don't have any recommendations. The entire crew from initial contact to SERVPRO corporate to local office staff and field techs, they all helped to ease the stress of loss by their care and professional attitude. Thank you!

These poor guys had to drive so far, the only thing we would recommend is to put them up in a hotel. Otherwise, they did great work. They are awesome, thank you. 

There is no apparent improvement needed-great service-felt very confident they knew what to do. We appreciate the service tremendously. 

I don't have any recommendations, I appreciated their interest and concerns in my situation. 

Keep doing exactly as you are!! I am shocked at the professionalism, follow through and quality of work. These men were the BEST even after the job was completed. Martin called and made sure everything was being handled. 

They also had clean uniforms and presented well, a fantastic representation for your company. Thank you!

Justin was courteous, respectful, professional, and enthusiastic. He gave me a sense of relief to know all was not lost. 

Keep doing it exactly as you are!! I am shocked at the professionalism, follow through and quality of work. These men were the BEST. Even after the job was completed, Rocky called and made sure everything was being handled.

We felt that Tom Hoover was exceptional-always pleasant, patient, and accommodating.

They, especially Tom, were wonderful. Keep Tom. He’s it.

Kurt was extremely professional and first rate!

I appreciated the level of professionalism that I experienced with SERVPRO. They were knowledgeable and informative and kept me informed during the entire process.

Tom Hoover was very responsive and mobilized very quickly.

I received excellent crisis support and advice from Project Manager Tom Hoover. He had an excellent attitude.

I have already recommended SERVPRO to friends, even before our kitchen fire. We've seen them out and about helping others, and although we would have preferred to not have the fire, we were glad to have someone around to help. 

Thank you to SERVPRO, they were so wonderful. The guys you sent out were fantastic, Jacob was so efficient and did a beautiful job!

My wife and I were incredibly impressed with SERVPRO and how quickly they were able to help us during this year's winter storm. Our small hobby shop flooded from a roof leak, and Alvin was really on top of things!! We signed paperwork and got things going. We've never had such a polite service company, and are very delighted to have had the opportunity to work with SERVPRO.

We would like to thank you (SERVPRO) for participating in the Lighted Truck Parade. Your participation was a gift to our community. We wish you a happy holiday and hope you will join us next year!

We had fire damage happen one weekend, and didn't have to wait until Monday to get help. Our local fire department told us about SERVPRO helping families during the Valley Fire, so we knew we could depend on the company to get our family back up and running. Our claims representative was also really happy with Alvin's paperwork, and aggressive cleaning process. Homeowners insurance really paid off!!

The crew was professional, considerate, respectful, and wonderful!

SERVPRO rocks! I felt I was in very good hands and they walked me through it all. They had my interest as a priority. Thanks for everything.

The crew was great, hardworking, courteous, and helpful. We appreciated the explanations, patience, and reassurance. Appreciated the daily cleanup and the final cleanup. Great Job!

We thought these guys were awesome! They totally kicked butt and got into gear about as quickly as it took for us to call someone. 

I don’t think you could get any better, was and am thrilled to have such a caring person doing the work.

Alvin and his crew were very professional and courteous, and explained all the procedures. 

My grandchildren started getting sick very consistently at our vacation home on the coast. We found mold, and immediately looked for someone to get it removed. We were directed to SERVPRO, and given great service! I'm not afraid to have my grandchildren visit the coast anymore.

We give SERVPRO all 10's! We were in the middle of a renovation of our home when mold started to appear. Getting the mold removed was very convenient for us, and we were able to continue on our project. 

We couldn't believe the tremendous amount of support we received from such a professional company. My brother had a similar issue happen to him in San Francisco, and the SERVPRO there was incredibly prompt and accomodating. We are so glad we made that phone call. Even with a stressful situation, SERVPRO of Mendocino made things better for us, thank you so much.

We don't have any suggestions for improvement, we were so impressed with the compassion and understanding the crew showed us! GO ALVIN, he was fantastic.

I have always supported local business, and was reluctant to hire a national company to take care of the small fire we had a week ago. But, after seeing this company work hard every day, my husband and I realized this company holds the same values we cherish in our community. We will be spreading the word that this SERVPRO is local and right for our community. 

We are grateful we didn't have to tear our house completely apart to do what SERVPRO did in a matter of about two weeks. We saved money, we felt like we could talk with our team manager, and dealing with insurance wasn't as terrible as it could have been. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

We don't have any suggestions for this company, THEY ROCK! Not having an air conditioner for a week was terrible, but at least the damage it caused is no longer in our home. They got our house dried out and our air conditioner could be put back. FINALLY!

Fantastic-they got us through a stressful period.

The only thing I can recommend for this company is...oh wait, I got nothing! We were thrilled to have the mold taken out of our country home, it was such a hassle and frustrating situation to attempt to do ourselves. Thanks guys, you really are amazing. 

What a RELIEF and a BREATH of fresh air! The technicians had such enthusiasm, and such a good work ethic and polite demeanors. We feel fortunate to have this company in our area, and didn't know about them until our house caught fire. Get the word out, SERVPRO is IT!

Dealing with bad tenants was a nightmare, but Alvin and his crew made things a lot easier when we had to get insurance involved a few months ago. Alvin, Leo, Ramon, you were all FANTASTIC. 

SERVPRO saved us, when we were at the end of our rope. Another company had disappointed us, and we were ready to give up. Thankfully, our adjuster suggested a local SERVPRO. The company we had used previously were from out of town and had neglected our project for over a week. We needed something done right AND fast. Our prayers were finally answered. ALL 10's!

We live in an area that always has problems with mold, but we now know we don't need to worry about dealing with it ourselves. SERVPRO really is local and caring, and we are very fortunate to have stumbled upon them while they were working at another location. We can't think of anything they need to do to improve. 

The service was wonderful, thank you!

All 10's for SERVPRO!

My husband says these guys are the BEST! He's dealt with other construction and cleanup companies in the past, and this one is the #1 on our list for next time (hoping our washer doesn't leak again!)

The only thing we can think to say is that they were a very professional company with a great attitude.

We give them a score of 10!