What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

We had no damaged items! (pack back) Very satisfied, communication was excellent! All the guys work hard!

Tom Hoover was very responsive and mobilized very quickly.

I have already recommended SERVPRO to friends, even before our kitchen fire. We've seen them out and about helping others, and although we would have preferred to not have the fire, we were glad to have someone around to help. 

We had fire damage happen one weekend, and didn't have to wait until Monday to get help. Our local fire department told us about SERVPRO helping families during the Valley Fire, so we knew we could depend on the company to get our family back up and running. Our claims representative was also really happy with Alvin's paperwork, and aggressive cleaning process. Homeowners insurance really paid off!!

The crew was professional, considerate, respectful, and wonderful!

I have always supported local business, and was reluctant to hire a national company to take care of the small fire we had a week ago. But, after seeing this company work hard every day, my husband and I realized this company holds the same values we cherish in our community. We will be spreading the word that this SERVPRO is local and right for our community. 

What a RELIEF and a BREATH of fresh air! The technicians had such enthusiasm, and such a good work ethic and polite demeanors. We feel fortunate to have this company in our area, and didn't know about them until our house caught fire. Get the word out, SERVPRO is IT!

SERVPRO saved us, when we were at the end of our rope. Another company had disappointed us, and we were ready to give up. Thankfully, our adjuster suggested a local SERVPRO. The company we had used previously were from out of town and had neglected our project for over a week. We needed something done right AND fast. Our prayers were finally answered. ALL 10's!